Ice Chest Coolers

Soft Sided Coolers


If you are going on a picnic or to the beach for the day it is worth considering taking too soft sided coolers with you. This way you will have plenty of space for keeping enough drinks and food cool for you whilst away from open. Plus placing the food in a separate cooler will ensure that it stays fresher for much longer. This is because you won’t need to be opening it regularly in order to get a drink out to quench your thirst.

Plus it is important that you learn how to pack your soft sided coolers correctly. If you follow the tips below not only will your food stay fresher for long but the ice you pack to keep the food or drinks cool will last a lot longer as well.

Igloo Ice Chest


There are now more than 15,000 outlets across the USA where it is possible to purchase an Igloo Ice Chest. In fact today around 75% of all households in the USA will have one model or another of Igloo’s coolers in their homes. So being able to keep food or drinks cool during the longer summer months for these homes will never be a problem.

However, not every one of the Igloo ice chests purchased are used in the home. Many are used when the family is away from home. Below we take a look at some of the kinds of ice chests that Igloo now make and where they can be used.

Choosing an Ice Chest Cooler


Anyone who likes to do a lot of camping, fishing or RVing then having a good quality ice chest cooler is essential. Along with this piece of equipment being suitable for keeping beers cool on a hot summer’s day it can also preserve other food items that will perish quickly in the heat.

However before you go out spending money on this piece of equipment to take camping or fishing there are certain factors that one needs to take into consideration first. In this article we take a look at what some of these are and which when kept in mind when shopping for an ice chest cooler will ensure that you purchase the one that meets your requirements perfectly.

Electric Ice Chests


If you are considering purchasing an electric ice chest there are certain things that one needs to take into consideration beforehand. By keeping in mind the things we list below then there is more chance of you purchasing your ideal unit.

1. Material From Which The Ice Chest Is Constructed From

Of course you want one that is going to be able to deal with the elements effectively. So you want those that are made from materials which won’t be affected by water, sunlight or extreme changes in the temperature.

Ideally you should be looking for those which are made either from fiberglass or stainless steel. These ones not only are well protected against the elements but will unlike wooden ones need very little maintenance to keep them in good condition. In fact with these types of electric ice chests they will only need to be cleaned using some warm soapy water.

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