Anyone who likes to do a lot of camping, fishing or RVing then having a good quality ice chest cooler is essential. Along with this piece of equipment being suitable for keeping beers cool on a hot summer’s day it can also preserve other food items that will perish quickly in the heat.

However before you go out spending money on this piece of equipment to take camping or fishing there are certain factors that one needs to take into consideration first. In this article we take a look at what some of these are and which when kept in mind when shopping for an ice chest cooler will ensure that you purchase the one that meets your requirements perfectly.

1. Construction

Most families when they go on a camping trip tend to opt for those cheaper versions that are constructed from cheap poly or plastic. However, in order for the food inside to remain in good condition they will need to be packed with quite a considerable amount of ice as well. Often these will only allow food to remain cool in them for a couple of days and the temperatures don’t remain low enough to prevent food to spoil. Also often within the first half day you will discover that a great part of the ice has melted so you end up with your food in lots of water.

So it is important that for any trips where you will be gone away for more than a day or so to select a model made from high quality materials. This will ensure that the insulation properties are of a much higher grade and so ensuring that the ice you put inside the cooler will last for considerably longer. Also these tend to be a lot stronger so that they last for many years to come as long as they are cared for properly.

2. How Long Can It Retain Ice For?

When it comes to ice chest coolers you need to look for those that are able to retain ice in its original form for much longer. These types of ice chest coolers will then ensure that the temperature within them is better retained and so ensuring that the items inside it remain cool and fresh for much longer.

The best way of determining if the ice chest cooler you are considering buying will retain ice for longer is to inspect the gasket that seals the lid to the base of the unit. Unfortunately there are plenty of models around today that are fitted with poor quality gasket seals. This results in a great deal of the cold air being able to escape along with a great of deal of warm air to get inside. So when trying to keep your food and drinks cool for any extended period of time will prove near impossible to do.

So as you can see from above the construction of the cooler and how well it retains ice is very important. You may not want to spend a lot on yours but do you really want to invest in an ice chest cooler that within a matter of hours the food inside becomes spoiled.