If you are considering purchasing an electric ice chest there are certain things that one needs to take into consideration beforehand. By keeping in mind the things we list below then there is more chance of you purchasing your ideal unit.

1. Material From Which The Ice Chest Is Constructed From

Of course you want one that is going to be able to deal with the elements effectively. So you want those that are made from materials which won’t be affected by water, sunlight or extreme changes in the temperature.

Ideally you should be looking for those which are made either from fiberglass or stainless steel. These ones not only are well protected against the elements but will unlike wooden ones need very little maintenance to keep them in good condition. In fact with these types of electric ice chests they will only need to be cleaned using some warm soapy water.

2. How Large Does Yours Need To Be?

You will only know what size to by through determining what you will be using yours for. If you intend to use it when camping with your family then opt for one of the larger models. Whereas if you only intend to use it yourself when you go fishing or to the beach for a few hours then a smaller portable model would be a far better option.

3. How Easy Is It To Clean?

This is a very important feature to be looking for when it comes to buying an electric ice chest unit. Look for those that come with a recessed drain in the base that allows you to quickly and easily drain them along with allowing water to flow freely out of them when cleaning.

4. How Much Energy Does It Use?

Look for those that don’t require that much energy to run them as this will ensure that your operating costs of an electric ice chest are kept down. Today all models should include a label explaining what energy level they work at. Although those that use less energy cost more they will actually be more beneficial to you and will ensure that your electricity bills are kept low throughout the time you are using yours.

5. What Extra Features Does It Come With?

If you can consider purchasing models that allow you to actually control the temperature setting of yours. Plus look for those that come with a magnetic door seal as well as a child safety lock rather than the traditional type of latch. This will ensure that little fingers won’t get hurt should they attempt to open the chest and climb inside.

Also it is worth considering spending a little extra cash on those models that are fitted with a self defrosting facility. This means that you won’t have to concern yourself each year with making sure that it is defrosted. This can be a concern if the door of the electric chest is going to be opened on a regular basis.