There are now more than 15,000 outlets across the USA where it is possible to purchase an Igloo Ice Chest. In fact today around 75% of all households in the USA will have one model or another of Igloo’s coolers in their homes. So being able to keep food or drinks cool during the longer summer months for these homes will never be a problem.

However, not every one of the Igloo ice chests purchased are used in the home. Many are used when the family is away from home. Below we take a look at some of the kinds of ice chests that Igloo now make and where they can be used.

1. Marine 25 Quart – This particular model of Igloo Ice Chest can hold up to 23 liters and measures a mere 20” long by 11.25” wide and 13.13” high. This has more than ample space to allow you to keep 36 cans of soda or beer inside. But you will need to reduce this figure slightly if you want to keep food (sandwiches) and ice in yours as well.

As the name suggests this particular model is one that can be used when you go fishing on your boat. Including in this particular model you will find it comes with a built in fishing ruler. Also you will find that the lid can support up to 136kg (300lbs) of weight. As this ice chest will be out in the sun quite a lot the outside has been coated in a special UV treatment and is white so it doesn’t fade so badly.

2. Maxcold 50 Quart – Slightly larger than the above model being one that is able to hold up to 47 liters giving you sufficient room to keep 72 cans of beer or soda cool in it along with a couple of 2 liter bottles. When it comes to the actual size of this model it is slightly larger again than the Marine 25 Quart being 25.5” long by 15.25” wide and 17.38” high.

You will find with this particular model that the insulation has been improved by around 25% so keeping ice in it for longer should not be a problem. Although the majority of this Igloo Ice Chest is made of plastic there is some stainless steel used to help reinforce its durability but which you don’t actually notice.

Plus the plastic used in the construction has been treated to help prevent it from fading or cracking over time. Another feature that will prove very useful with this particular model is that it comes with a threaded drain plug so being able to clean this out after each use will not prove too difficult a task.

However although these two do differ in size and materials they are constructed from any parts that do get damaged or broken can easily be replaced. So you won’t have to concern yourself with replacing the whole Igloo Ice Chest in the future rather just the part that is broken say the drain plug which has come off when taking it out of your vehicle.